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GS Medical Steril-Peel Steri-Roll, 2″x100′ Roll


GS Medical SterilPeel SteriRoll, 2″x100′ Roll

STERIL-PEEL Rolls are used for packaging instruments and other clinical items that require ethylene oxide or steam sterilization, thus allowing them to be stored in a sterile condition, ready for immediate use.

  • Film used in the manufacture of STERIL-PEEL is a laminate of 2 materials
  • Lamination process uses water-based adhesives to address today’s environmental concerns
  • Can be peeled without the risk of fracture of the film
  • Polyester layer of the laminate offers high strength, toughness and clarity to the film
  • The 100 foot (31 m) rolls are easy to handle and provide flexibility for packers to customize their packaging to the width and length of the product
  • 656 foot (200 m) rolls provide a more economical alternative