SKU: BD364606

TUBE A3200XF167 8.5ML


Used for Blood group typing, HLA phenotyping, DNA and paternity testing.

  • Yellow conventional closure.
  • Paper label.
  • Material: Glass.
  • Additive: Acid Citric Dextrose solution Trisodium Citrate, Citric Acid and Dextrose.
  • Sterile.
  • Latex-Free.
Additional Information:

  • Composition / Ingredient: Glass
  • Sterility: Sterile
  • Latex content: Latex-Free
  • Outer Diameter: 16mm
  • Volume: 8.5mL
  • Brand: Vacutainer®
  • Feature / Property: Yellow Conventional Closure, Paper Label, For Blood Group Typing/HLA Phenotyping/DNA and Paternity Testing
  • Tube Length: 100mm