SKU: 016-625



Utilizes a “real measurement” technology, which permits to read after the beep if a higher temperature is later detected.

  • Single-patient use thermometer helps to prevent the risk of cross-contamination, nosocomial infections.
  • Displays in Celsius.
  • Accurate within ± 0.1°C in the 35°C to 42°C range.
  • Faster response time: 30 seconds for rectal, 60 seconds for oral, and 90 seconds for underarms readings.
  • Washable.
  • Auto shut-off.
  • Memory recall/display of last reading.
  • Easy to use pop-out storage case.
Additional Information:

  • Brand: Physiologic® DigiPro&tarde;
  • Feature / Property: Celsius Display, Accurate within ± 0.1°C in 35°C to 42°C Range, Response Time 30 Seconds for Rectal/60 Seconds for Oral/90 Seconds for Underarms, Washable, Auto Shut-off, Memory Recall/Display, Pop-out Storage Case