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T.E.D.™ Anti-Embolism Stockings apply the clinically proven graduated pressure pattern of 18 mmHg at the ankle, 14 mmHg at the calf, 8 mmHg at the popliteal, 10 mmHg at the lower thigh, and 8 mmHg at the higher thigh.1 T.E.D.™ Anti-Embolism Stockings provide a baseline of protection and can be used as a sole modality or in combination with other forms of thromboprophylaxis, depending on individual patient risk.  T.E.D.™ Anti-Embolism Stockings are clinically proven to reduce the incidence of DVT up to 50%1 and to promote increased blood flow velocity in the legs 138%1 of baseline by compression of the deep venous system. They have also been clinically proven to prevent the damaging effects of venous distension that occurs during surgery and hospitalization.2


  • Available in five sizes and three lengths, fitting up to a 36 in. thigh circumference.
  • Thigh-length stocking’s include an interrupted band and two-ply gussets
  • Inlay circumferential knit provides one way horizontal stretch
  • Pressure break at the popliteal ensures blood will continue to flow through this critical area1
  • Defined heel pocket ensures correct placement, and provides landmark for fitting
  • Inspection toe opening allows easy inspection of the skin and pedal pulse


1 Sigel, et al. Type of Compression for Reducing Venous Stasis. Archives of Surgery, 1975 Page 173

2Coleridge-Smith PD, et al. Deep Vein Thrombosis: Effect of Graduated Compression Stockings on Distension of the Deep Veins of the Calf. British Journal of Surgery. June 1991. Vol 78, No. (6): 724-726.

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