ANSELL Micro-Touch Nitrile


This non-sterile glove features an advanced stretch formulation providing you with the ultimate comfort and fit. With its high strength and excellent protection features, this glove is ideal for nearly all clinical settings.

• Advanced formulation for exceptional comfort and fit providing better tactile sensitivity
• An AQL better than industry standards delivers consistent, high quality production
• 200-count packaging reduces waste
• Available in size XXL
• Tested for use with over 55 chemicals and approved for use with chemotherapy drugs*

* See product packaging or contact Ansell Customer Service for specific chemotherapy drug permeation times and recommendations. Users should test the suitability of this product against specific chemicals and the environment where used. Data for specific chemicals is available upon request.

WARNING: No glove completely protects against all chemicals.  Users should test the suitability of this product against the specific chemicals and environment where used.”

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