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mm-Marked SPECIALTY PAPER POINTS PP Dia-ProISO GT Cell Pack (.04)


Dia-ProISO GT Paper Point complements:
Tapered (.04 and .06) Rotary Files, ProFile® ISO Rotary Files, EndoSequence® Files, K3® Files, EdgeSequel™ Sapphire, Vortex®, Vortex Blue™

Dia-ProISO GT Paper Points are the mm-Marked version of Dia-ISOGT.  These points are highly absorbent and are uniformly tapered to match .04 and .06 tapered instruments. Points are millimeter-marked to provide preliminary guidance in measuring the root canal depth before proceeding clinically with the application of gutta percha points.

Available in both Sliding-Open package and the pre-sterilized Cell Packs. 


.04 taper  120Pts/box Cell Pack
MP258-703 PPDIA-ProISOGT .04 Cell #15
MP258-704 PPDIA-ProISOGT .04 Cell #20
MP258-705 PPDIA-ProISOGT .04 Cell #25
MP258-706 PPDIA-ProISOGT .04 Cell #30
MP258-707 PPDIA-ProISOGT .04 Cell #35
MP258-708 PPDIA-ProISOGT .04 Cell #40
MP258-791 PPDIA-ProISOGT .04 Cell #15/40 Assorted

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#15, #15/40 Assorted, #20, #25, #30, #35, #40