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Multifunctional Mirror with Suction Function

A unique and innovative idea! These mirrors feature suction on the bottom and front sides to free up your hands and save you time.

  • Fewer instruments in the oral cavity
  • Less obstruction for the dentists, assistants, and hygienists
  • Increased level of comfort and quality of care for the patients
  • Strong tongue retraction
  • Anti-fog mirror providing a clear view
  • Assist with sealant placement
  • 8 holes in the mirror head – rapid suction of liquid while preventing suction on cheek and tongue
  • Color-coded and comfortable silicone handles for easy identification
  • Fits into all suction unit on unit chairs
  • Adapter to fit the unit into HVE (High Volume Evacuation) handpiece to reduce infectious aerosols
  • 100% stainless steel and fully autoclavable
  • Cleaning brush for the hose to remove debris
  • Effective especially in pedodontic treatment, scaling, and tooth reduction
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#901-101 MS Body Yellow
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#901-105 MS Body Gray

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