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Diapaste Refill Kit 2g of paste


DiaPaste is a great alternative to our most popular product, Diapex. DiaPaste is a premixed calcium hydroxide barium sulfate paste for root canal treatment. It is iodoform-free.  DiaPaste is water-soluble so it is easy to clean and remove. It is also radiopaque and antibacterial. The premixed paste is packaged in a convenient syringe, which eliminates mixing and provides an ideal vehicle for application to the root apex. Diapaste may be used in conjunction with Gutta Percha and regular canal sealers.


  • Apexification
  • Treatment for infected root canal
  • Temporary root filling
  • Root canal filling for primary teeth
  • Disinfection after pulp extirpation treatment
  • Vital pulpotomy
  • Temporary pulp capping

Shelf Life: 3 years


#A1001-404 Syringe
Contains: 1 prefilled syringe (2.0 g of paste)