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Dia-Root Bio MTA


BioCeramic Root Canal Repair Material

 is a hydrophilic biocompatible pure white powder that promotes cementogensis and forms a hermetic seal inside the root canal. It has excellent biocompatibility, outstanding sealing capability, and easy handling properties.


  • Pulp Capping
  • Repair of Root Resorption
  • Repair of Root Perforation
  • Pulpotomy
  • Root-End Filling
  • Apexification


  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Oustanding sealing capability
  • White powder is ideal for anterior teeth
  • Highly antibacterial with high alkaline pH 12
  • Easy handling properties
  • Washout resistant
  • Setting time: approx. 45 minutes
  1. Pour the powder from the capsule and mix it with distilled water on the mixing pad.* Mixing Ratio = 0.5g: 0.225g (0.225 cc) (DIA-ROOT BIO MTA: Distilled Water)
    This is approximately 4 to 5 drops of distilled water, 
    please add the distilled water drop by drop until the material forms a thick paste.
  2. Mix distilled water into the powder for about 30 seconds until all the particles are hydrated forming a thick paste. Add more distilled water if the mixture hardens or dries out.
  3. Place the mixed paste into a carrier of your choice.
  4. Dispense the mixed paste into the treatment site.

#1003-601 DiaRoot Bio MTA Kit
Contains: 1 x 0.5 capsule, 1 mixing pad, and 1 spatula