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Caries removal in deep lesions can pose a risk of pulp exposure. Smartburs® II is a patented self-limiting polymer instrument, designed to eliminate the risk of unintentional pulp exposure.  For use in right-angle handpiece.

Based upon the science of tooth structure hardness, the instrument is hard enough to cut only softer decayed (infected) dentin while leaving harder, affected and healthy dentin intact. Studies have shown that SmartBurs II offers:

Greater safety and peace of mind when working in deep carious lesions.
Conserves healthy tooth structure, which reduces post-operative sensitivity.

A more comfortable procedure for patients who prefer no anesthesia.
Clinical Problem: Deep carious lesion is present and risk of unintentional pulp exposure exists while removing decay with conventional carbide burs.

Procedural Solutions:
Designed with Cariologists to only remove decayed dentin, Smartburs II cannot cut healthy dentin or enamel, eliminating the possibility of creating an inadvertent pulp exposure.

Deep caries removal becomes especially tedious when patients are needle-phobic or prefer no local anesthesia.  Since use of SmartBurs II does not harm healthy dentinal tubules, the pain response is not triggered leading to a more comfortable experience for patients who cannot or will not tolerate local anesthesia.

Grit: NA
Shank: RA
Shape: Round
Pack Size: 25-Pk
Caries Removal : Yes