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ORAL SURGERY CARBIDE 1703 – STERILE 10 PACK L 44.5mm shank 4


Your surgical procedures demand rotary instruments of highest quality and reliability. To support this SS White® goes above and beyond ISO and ADA testing requirements.

SS White® Oral Surgery Burs unique blade geometry allows for effective bone and tooth removal discharge and:

Creates more efficiency due to reduced clogging

Helps you save time for all surgical procedures

Are packaged sterile

Are compatible with all popular handpieces including Stryker®, Hall® and MicroAire®

Innovative Design…

SS White continually looks to improve its Oral Surgery Burs. Used in a variety of surgical procedures, the 1703 combines the sculpting ability of a round bur and the performance of a 703 sectioning bur, allowing you to have the best of both worlds in one bur.

For convenience, an SS White Surgical Procedures Kit features a selection of SEVEN popular oral surgery carbide burs (six surgical length friction-grip carbide burs and one friction grip metal cutting bur (Great White #2).