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This special set of SS White surgical length carbide burs includes the most popular surgical length carbides and simplifies common surgical procedures including sectioning teeth for extractions, cutting bone and creating proper endodontic access.

The Surgical Procedures Kit features:

SS White carbide cutting heads are made with high quality fine-grain tungsten carbide, which produces a blade that is sharper and wears longer compared to less expensive coarse grain tungsten carbide.

Shank construction of surgical grade stainless steel, which resists corrosion during sterilization processes used in the dental office.

The Surgical Procedures Kit is housed in an autoclavable bur block and contains friction grip Great White and SS White surgical length carbides in various round-end and flat-end crosscut straight and tapered shapes.

Use SS White Surgical Length round carbides: for periodontal surgery, crown lengthening, aveolectomy/alveolplasty, and root canal procedures.

Use SS White Surgical Length side-cutting carbides (flat or round-end fissure): for sectioning teeth. Frequently used bur numbers are 703, 1702 and 1703.

Pack Size: Kit
Oral Surgery: Yes
Multi-Use : Yes
General Dentistry : Yes