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The SS White® Safe End Series of carbide multi-bladed finishing instruments is one of the most advanced and complete aesthetic finishing systems available, featuring an efficient two-step approach to finishing in one convenient kit. The Safe End on each instrument is non-cutting, to help deter inadvertent damage to gingival tissue, epithelial attachments, and tooth structure.

The 10-piece Kit features Safe End Finishing Burs:

Constructed from solid one-piece carbide, resulting in stronger, concentric instruments.

Available in ten and twenty blade configurations as compared with 8, 16, and 30 bladed competitive systems.

Use 10-blade Safe End to trim and contour composite

Follow with 20-blade Safe End to place anatomical features and create ultra-smooth, pre-polish on composites.

Designed for most aesthetic finishing procedures.

The Safe End Finishing Bur Kit contains 10 instruments: one each of the Safe End Series Burs in an autoclavable bur block. The Safe End instruments’ design is based on the “anatomically specific” concept. Each instrument correlates with the length and contour of a specific portion of the natural tooth anatomy.
Shank: FG
Pack Size: Kit
Anterior Composite: Yes
Posterior Composite: Yes
Multi-Use : Yes
General Dentistry : Yes