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Experience a unique carbide bur designed to offer a fast and smooth alternative to diamonds. The Great White Ultra Crown and Bridge Preparation Kit offers an innovative approach to your current crown and bridge procedures, and brings the Great White® technology to the most popular crown and bridge diamond shapes.

The Great White Ultra Kit Contains:

Great White® Ultra – #856-016
Great White® Ultra – #856-018
Great White® Ultra – #856-020
​Great White® Ultra – #379-023
​Great White® Ultra – #847-016
​Great White® Ultra – #847-018

Use Great White® Ultra to cut quickly and smoothly through enamel and complete your bulk reduction task during crown preparation with a single instrument; and negotiate amalgam and other restorative materials with minimal clogging and no ‘drag or stalling’. Unlike a diamond, the Great White® Ultra carbide is designed to provide high speed performance with minimal clogging.
Pack Size: Kit
Permanent Crowns: Yes
Crown Removal: Yes
Laminate Veneer: Yes
Inlay/Onlay: Yes
Posterior Composite: Yes
Amalgam Restoration: Yes
Pedodontics: Yes
Dental Laboratory, CB: Yes
Dental Lab Acrylic: Yes