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Efficiently locate and access single root canals in anterior and bicuspid teeth. The EndoGuide® Anterior/Bicuspid Kit contains all instrumentation to create endodontic access through metal, porcelain, zirconia and tooth structure.

The EndoGuide® Anterior/Bicuspid Kit includes an autoclavable bur block and seven rotary instruments featuring SS White®:

Great White® #2 metal cutting bur;

Great White® Z Diamonds for access through ceramic/zirconia; and

EndoGuide® burs for virgin tooth access and de-roofing as well as troughing, enlarging and exploring canals.

Problem: Round burs were designed to cut vertically and horizontally, which can cause run-off and difficulty finding canals during endodontic access.

Solution: EndoGuide® burs are funnel-shaped, specifically designed to offer an accurate straight-line access path and better tactile sense. Doctors have indicated Endoguide® Burs conserve 40% more peri-cervical dentin, which is key to strength, increased restoration life and general dentist satisfaction with endodontic results and referral.

Pack Size: Kit
Endodontics: Yes
Multi-Use : Yes